Helping Society

The post History of Society is the first post and will help necessitate reading this post.

There are a few quick things that I can think of that can help society.

The largest bit I can do to help society I have learned is to become more of an omnivore and herbivore. These diets provide lower energy levels that makes me more aware of external influences. Herbivores work with very large groups and their disposition is mild and tame.

Another bit I have learned is to only deal with the existent. I learned from a philosopher that in philosophy there a thing either exists or it lacks existence. For example, their is good or it lacks good. A thing is pushed or it lacks being pushed. The solution for those cases where we lack something is time. If someone asks me a question of an answer I have yet to learn, I lack saying anything or I say I have yet to learn it. Dealing with only existents helps the thought process and moving of large groups.

* share alike
* go where God wants you

I will add more items later.

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History of Society

The history of society is real basic.

We began as a herd. (It is our natural disposition: vocally able to express our selves with detail, and very capable of learning empathy.) We moved together minding each other for all our good. After a certain time this changed, we became top of the food chain. The necessity to pay attention to our neighbor we thought was less important. Before in the herd paying attention to what others were doing kept us alive. After the herd began to spread out. People began to see that if their house was a little better than other people than perhaps they needed more space; if they got a little more food than perhaps they earned it. This focus that became less on the herd gradually had more people accidentally bumping into each other, some people getting a share that lacked adequateness… The focus for getting along, the safety of everybody, notice of became less. And from what I can tell from my knowledge of history, it has been that way ever since.

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A Better Drain

I moved into this place and some of the things I didn’t think about until recently.  But not a got a better drain for my tub and I’m loving it.  The Foot Lok Stop Replacement Cartridge, oh Oh ohhh:

I probably should have left it in the box before taking this. But the old one is there. The old one for some reason only provide about from an 1/8 to a 1/16 of clearance which meant water would gather in the tub. I’m not one to regularly clean the tub so after a while a nice bit of of good accumulated. Here’s the new:

It’s nice. You can open it with your foot if you want to! It isn’t the push only and lock type. Rather, it has to be pushed on its sides where the names open and close are. It looks nice and it drains really good.

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