Helping Society

The post History of Society is the first post and will help necessitate reading this post.

There are a few quick things that I can think of that can help society.

The largest bit I can do to help society I have learned is to become more of an omnivore and herbivore. These diets provide lower energy levels that makes me more aware of external influences. Herbivores work with very large groups and their disposition is mild and tame.

Another bit I have learned is to only deal with the existent. I learned from a philosopher that in philosophy there a thing either exists or it lacks existence. For example, their is good or it lacks good. A thing is pushed or it lacks being pushed. The solution for those cases where we lack something is time. If someone asks me a question of an answer I have yet to learn, I lack saying anything or I say I have yet to learn it. Dealing with only existents helps the thought process and moving of large groups.

* share alike
* go where God wants you

I will add more items later.


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